Goois Jazz Festival 25 maart 2017

Fuensanta Mendez Quintet

The music of Fuensanta Méndez has been described as disarmingly honest, spatial and somehow rebellious. Born in Mexico and formed within a jazz universe, her compositions and singing depict wide colorful harmonies and the constant presence of improvisation, inevitably accompanied by the rhythms and lyricism of Latin American culture. This is blended in peculiar ways with an instrumental approach to the human voice and a great love for poetry.

The band: Guy Salamon’s (Israel) heartfelt drumming and the meaningful dark bass sounds of Brodie Jarvie (Scotland) design the groove, while pianist Liya Grigoryan’s (Armenia/Russia) touch brings sophistication and a broad canvas for Nicolò Ricci (Italy) to mark out with unquestionable melodies from his tenor saxophone.

The quintet is based in Amsterdam and had its debut performance during the Prinses Christina Jazz Concours in the fall of 2016 –winning the 1st prize, the Persprijs, the HVC prijs and the North Sea Jazz Festival prijs.

Liya Grigoryan - piano
Guy Salamon - drums
Nicolò Ricci - tenor saxophone
Brodie Jarvie - double bass
Fuensanta Méndez – vocals

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